Things we’ll miss about Harry Cunningham

normal A short and woefully inadequate tribute to a great character that was taken from us without a blaze of glory or even so much as a puff of smoke.

1. We’ll miss his alarmingly possessive relationship with his desk.


2. We’ll miss his terrible jokes.

3. We’ll miss his Italianate temper that sometimes resulted in both Nikki, and inevitably himself, bursting into tears.

4. We’ll miss his propensity for shagging younger women and his occasional, more admirable choices in the girls department.


5. We’ll miss his love for the feel of whiplash in the morning and the unashamed swigging of ethanol from specimen jars.

6. We’ll miss his appalling taste in music.

7. We’ll miss that cautious but moving half-mentorship half-bromance relationship with Leo.


8. We’ll miss his deep-set desire to be himself and not his dad.

9. We’ll miss him wearing earphones in the bath.

10. We’ll miss the intensity, the fire, the flame smoldering beneath the alabaster skin.


11.We’ll miss the rare combination of mature lateral thinking, charmingly immature boyish behavior, rakishness and capacity for love in the same individual.

12. We’ll miss the determination to help others, even if his own odds of surviving aren’t great.

13. We’ll miss the raw way he shows emotion without embarrassment.

14. And we’ll miss everything about him and Nikki; the spontaneous hugging, prodding of noses and occasional twos-ups; the glass-shattering disagreements; the hilarious conversations going round and round; the intellects that fit like pieces of a jigsaw; the protectiveness on both sides; the constant, obvious, inevitable love that never went anywhere.


‘If I’m ever in trouble, if I’m ever upset, if I ever need to have a film plot explained to me, then the first person I call is you.’ – Nikki.


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